Starbucks’s new Butterfly Pea Flower Lemonade Cold Brew is a drinkable mood ring

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Starbucks’s latest drink — the Butterfly Pea Flower Lemonade Cold Brew — is a dreamy color shifting lemonade-coffee hybrid. The iced drink is comprised of three equal parts: butterfly pea flower tea, lemonade, and Starbucks Cold Brew coffee. The drink launched today, February 20th, 2018 for a limited time in Asia. Meaning nope, this drink isn’t available stateside. So for now, post a picture of this colorful sucker on your mood board and manifest it into your local Starbucks store.

But let’s get back to the ~mood ring~ component of the drink. Butterfly pea flower tea isn’t a super common ingredient in America, but now we’re certain we need it in our lives. Per Starbucks, it is “a trending ingredient in Southeast Asia, which is distinct for its natural blue shade and color-changing properties. It reacts with the lemonade to create captivating swirls.” Unicorn Frappuccinos could never fill the colorful caffeine-shaped holed in our hearts quite like this.

Bon Appetit says butterfly pea flower tea tastes similar to a green tea and turns blue when added to water and purple when added to lemon.

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If you don’t live in the Southeast Asian markets where the drink is sold, you could cocktail it together on your own by buying the tea online and mixing in some lemonade and a Starbucks cold brew. Regardless, we should all be adding lemonade to our coffee, apparently. Coffee and lemonade hybrids have been popular everywhere from Sweden, to Mexico, to Asia and feature a mix-and-match combination of lemonade, coffee, espresso, and soda water. Yum!

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