Starbucks’s newest specialty Frappuccino is finally here, but unfortunately, it’s not around forever. On Thursday, March 22nd, the Crystal Ball Frappuccino arrived in stores, and people are already flocking to their local drive-thru to grab one. But how long is Starbucks’s Crystal Ball Frappuccino available for? Let’s just say that if you want to try this totally Instagram-able drink, you should go get it, like, now.

According to the coffee giant’s website, the Starbucks Crystal Ball Frappuccino’s available only until March 26th, which means that by Monday, it’ll disappear. Plus, this drink is only around while supplies last, so if it ends up being a huge hit and your local Starbucks runs out of the ingredients needed to make it, it’ll be gone even sooner. Our best advice? Go grab one ASAP to make sure you don’t miss out.

And you’re definitely not going to want to miss out on grabbing one while the Starbucks Crystal Ball Frappuccino’s available, because the site’s description of the drink makes it sound so cool.

“It starts with a crème-based Frappuccino infused with peach flavor and turquoise sparkles that create an enchanting marbling effect,” the drink description says. “The magic happens when the peach-flavored whipped cream is sprinkled with one of three colored candy gems, each color signifying a different fortune in vivid blue, green and purple. Only the fates can decide which color is revealed – the customer will not know which color of candy gem will top the beverage.”

Uh, yeah, we’re going to need one of those.

Go treat yo’ self to one of these right away… and don’t be afraid to Instagram it. Where a new Starbucks drink is concerned, there’s no such thing as being too extra.