19 of the best captions to the viral "squinting girl" meme taking over the internet

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Whether or not you actually *share* memes online, we can all agree that memes are a very important part of internet culture. They connect us across continents, and, let’s face it, they give us something to laugh about when life can be anything but funny. The latest one to sweep the internet is known as the “squinting girl meme,” and we’re seriously obsessed.

The meme stars Kalin Elisabeth from Gwinnett County, Georgia, who was originally posing for pics at a baby shower with friends. After having a photo taken of her in a squat pose, Kalin stood up — at which point someone took another snapshot of her clutching her (understandably painful) knees. Voila! The squinting girl meme was born.

“I did the trendy squat for one of my poses and when I got up… My knees were not too happy about that decision, LOL,” Kalin said in an interview with BuzzFeed about the meme. “I wasn’t looking at anything, as many people think. I was just in agony.”

Her friends started sharing the hilarious meme, and it quickly went viral.

“After a couple of days I realized this wasn’t slowing down, but I had absolutely no idea it would catch fire the way it did,” Kalin told BuzzFeed. “I love it, though. Like I said, I felt like my purpose in life is to bring as many smiles to as many faces as possible before I leave the world.”

We think you’ve accomplished that, Kalin. Here’s the original squinting girl meme, which is still lol-worthy and super relatable.

Here are a few of our favorite captions to the meme to brighten your day. Because, well, it’s almost Monday.

1That’s so meta.

2Seriously, though. This weather needs to stop.

3A Series of Unfortunate and Preventable Events.

4Amazon? Never heard of it.

5Someday I’ll try something new, but today is not that day.

6It’s so true it hurts.

7You’re laughing, but you totally do this.

8The GPS struggle is real.

9Maybe it was a ghost?

10Relatable AF.

11Mom tweets are the best tweets.

12A meme within a meme.

13I thought about it, but no.

14Said every girl ever.

15Let’s be honest. Who *hasn’t* Googled the store hours from the parking lot?

16It’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make.

17There will never be enough Cardi B and Drake.

18To swipe right or not to swipe right? That is the question.

19Is it an X? Or maybe a T? Could be an M.

The weekend might be over, but the squinting girl meme will live on forever. Which one is your favorite?

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