Nicole Cord-Cruz
Updated Jan 17, 2018 @ 1:08 pm

Anyone who has been part of the Twitterverse long enough knows that it has turned into a safe space for memes, self-deprecating humor, and public mental breakdowns. You’ll see at least one person on your timeline having a meltdown every day, and you’re completely unfazed by it. However, when a brand does it, it’s an entirely different story. Just ask Spike TV.

On January 18, Spike TV will be pronounced dead. To end things with a bang, the person handling their Twitter decided to have some fun on their last days of being a ~brand~, and furthermore, went hella rogue. In doing so, whoever is beind the Spike TV Twitter account decided to air — ahem, tweet tweet — the network’s dirty laundry in an amusing fashion.

To put things in context, Spike TV, the self-declared “first network for men” has been given the boot, only to be rebranded as the Paramount Network. In the TV world, this not a unique phenomenon. A number of cable channels have resorted to overhauling their brands to cater to a different niche in the hopes of enticing more viewers (think ABC Family turning into Freeform). The channel succumbed to the rebranding trend, and it’s safe to say that they’re not happy about it. false

And so someone from the team decided to spill all the tea, and man, it is scalding!

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We are all #SHOOK.

This isn’t the type of “meltdown” we all have gotten used to, but that doesn’t make it less entertaining! The Twitter account has been slowly building to this breaking point for the last few weeks, and even took to tweeting out their resume to other cable networks. Need a new hire, Nickelodeon? The Spike TV Twitter person is now available. false

Farewell, Spike TV! We’re eternally grateful to you for giving us shows like Lipsync Battle, 1000 Ways to Die, WWE Raw, and Blue Mountain State. We’re incredibly excited for what you have to offer in this new chapter! Til then, allow us to extend a virtual hug!