As soon as the Spice Girls stepped onto the pop scene in the ’90s, we knew there was something special about Victoria Beckham (formerly Victoria Adams). We loved all the girls, but Posh? There was just something about her. Seriously, how can anyone wear the miniest of mini dresses and highest of heels and not miss a single beat to “Wannabe”? Only our girl Posh! And today, April 17th, Beckham’s celebrating her 44th birthday. And while the Spice Girls were all about fun, they also embraced girl power and their lyrics are full of Instagram-worthy captions. Looking for the perfect Spice Girls quote to share with a throwback pic of VB today? We’ve got you covered.

We recently learned that the Spice Girls are reuniting for an animated superhero movie, but since the group split in 2000, we’ve seen Beckham morph into a high-end designer (including producing an adorably chic collection for Target) and a humanitarian.

Last night, Beckham celebrated her bday eve with an adorable Instagram photo of her four children, who range in age from 19 to 6 years old. And because you probably want to celebrate Beckham’s birthday right along with her, the Spice Girls quotes below are perfect Instagram captions.

Does anyone really know what that means? Nope, but the “Wannabe” lyric is undeniably fun and doesn’t really need an explanation, right?

This “Spice Up Your Life” lyric is a feel-good on any day.

Another “Spice Up Your Life” lyric that should be on a motivational poster.

This “Who Do You Think You Are” lyric can pretty much apply to any person, place, or thing.

Who knew the slow, breathy “2 Become 1” was full of morning motivation?

Another “2 Become 1” one-liner that’s sure to catch the attention of an ex creeping on your Instagram.

Add this “Never Give Up on the Good Times” caption to any beautiful photo with your besties.

“Stop” was an upbeat tune that reminded us to chill.

The sentimental “Mama” is your go-to Instagram caption if you’re feeling a little moody.

Stand firmly in your truth with this “Naked” lyric.