Briana Hansen
Updated Jun 07, 2016 @ 4:18 pm
Credit: Shutterstock

Summer can sometimes cause a serious case of wanderlust. And if you’re worried that your wallet won’t be able to keep up with your wandering spirit, Southwest Airlines has your back.

For the next three days, they’ll be running their popular (and appropriately named) 3-Day Sale. Which means they’ll be cutting back on airfare and offering some crazy good deals to all sorts of different locations.

Translation: Plenty of affordable adventures await.

Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Giphy

There are, of course, some details you need to be aware of (like you’ve got to book by Thursday and travel dates need to be before December 14, 2016), but those are easy to remember. Now, you’ve got an awesome opportunity to go visit friends and family across the country who you’re always Snapchatting but never get a chance to hang with in real life. Now, with offers as low as $49 one way, you really have no excuse about not going and doing some hilarious FaceSwaps in person.

Not to mention, Southwest is famous for their flight attendants having hilarious personalities and making the flights even more delightful for everyone on board. So really, you’ll be getting to go on a cheap adventure with some great people. Avoid a serious case of FOMO and snag your ticket ASAP!