Although their characters on Game of Thrones have little in common (besides being sisters, of course), Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams are real-life BFFs. The actresses are inseparable off-screen, and Turner even asked Williams to be one of her bridesmaids in her upcoming wedding to Joe Jonas. But it turns out that their antics carry over into their work on Game of Thrones, too. In a joint interview with Glamour U.K., Turner revealed that she and Williams “tried to sneak a kiss into every scene” they filmed together in the upcoming final season.

To be fair, uh, relations between relatives aren’t exactly unheard of in the GoT universe…but we get it.

Of course, Williams and Turner’s friendship isn’t all goofy antics. Williams shared that she and Turner have been through a lot together, saying, “Sophie knows too much about me to not be my friend.”

We love this friendship and can’t wait to see what the final season of Game of Thrones has in store for Sansa and Arya. You can read their full interview in the next issue of Glamour U.K. when it hits newsstands on March 7th.