Arielle Tschinkel
Updated Jul 30, 2019 @ 1:46 pm

Our hearts were fully broken when we found out that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s dog Waldo died on July 24th, because there’s truly no heartbreak quite like that of losing a pet. The couple decided to honor Waldo, the pup they adopted in April 2018, by getting matching tattoos of his perfect little face. They showed off the new ink on Instagram on Monday, July 29th, just days after Waldo was killed in a “freak accident” after escaping from his leash on a walk in New York City.

The newlyweds visited the Bang Bang Tattoo Parlor in New York City, both getting a tattoo of Waldo’s face on their forearms. It’s a truly fitting way for these two to celebrate their beloved companion. Jonas added to his forearm tat collection with a larger version, and Turner’s is a bit smaller (and appears to be facing a different direction), but no less sweet.

Jonas posted a photo of his tattoo to Instagram with the caption “R.I.P. my little angel.”

Turner posted hers to her Instagram Stories, writing, “I miss you, Waldo. Rest in Peace my little baby.” The couple’s tattoo artist, Dragon, posted a selfie with them and included photos of both tattoos.

The couple is no stranger to coordinating tattoos. Last July, they got tattoos in honor of their grandfathers, and Jonas got a Sophie lookalike tattoo on his forearm in 2017, which Turner herself got a matching version of on her leg shortly thereafter in 2018. So we think this is a beautiful way to honor their late pup.

We’re thinking of them as they mourn the loss of Waldo. Losing a pet is a truly awful feeling, and we hope the new tats bring comfort along with the memories they shared as they grieve. RIP sweet Waldo.