For the past two and a half years, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have been one of our favorite power couples. And while we know that the pair got together thanks in part to their mutual friend, Hailee Steinfeld, Turner recently shared the very millennial way that she and Jonas began dating. In a profile in Harper’s Bazaar, Turner revealed that Jonas first connected with her via Instagram. Yes, in a tale as old as social media time, Jonas and Turner’s relationship began with him sliding into her DMs.

The rest, as they say, is history. Turner also admitted that Jonas’s intense fans weren’t always on board with their relationship. However, she did say that things are “better now.”

Turner acknowledged that Game of Thrones fans are just as quick to rush to her defense—especially in the event that Jonas should ever break her heart.

Jonas and Turner’s origin story is basically the most relatable thing ever (even if we don’t have the whole international superstars thing going for us). Now…wedding details, please.