Lia Beck
March 04, 2020 10:51 am
Getty Images, Dan MacMedan

It’s easy to see that hanging out with Sophie Turner would be a good time. Just watch that video of her chugging red wine at a hockey game or feast your eyes on her Vegas wedding. And now, Turner has made chilling with her sound even more appealing. In a video for Elle, Turner, who appears on the cover for the magazine’s April issue, shared her fave “guilty pleasure” TV shows, as well as her ideal snack-and-wine pairing, and it sounds like a watch party waiting to happen.

As part of Elle‘s #AskMeAnything video series, Turner was asked various questions, ranging from the women in her life who have most empowered her (her mother, her drama teacher, Jessica Chastain) to her most used emoji (the crying-laughing one). When she got to her favorite guilty pleasure TV shows, the Game of Thrones actor responded:

“Three guilty pleasure TV shows that I love: 90 Day Fiancé. It’s amazing ’cause I’m basically one of them. Keeping up with the Kardashians. Oh, what else do I love? I love Cops.”

As you can see, all three are reality TV shows, but there’s really quite the range of reality going on here. Cops and KUWTK don’t have much in common, besides the fact that they live in harmony within the mind of Sophie Turner. As for joking that she’s “one of them” in reference to 90 Day Fiancé, Turner is English, but married American singer Joe Jonas last year.

We’d assume she could figure out an easier way to stay in the U.S. compared to the people featured on the show. But hey, it sounds like she can still relate.

Another one of the questions in the video was about the 24-year-old actor’s favorite wine-and-snack combo. Turner settled on a glass of red wine (Sassicaia, specifically) with brie, fig jam, and rosemary crackers. It’s a fancy selection that could make for a nice high-low pairing with one of her shows of choice.

A little fig jam while Kourtney decides if she wants to keep filming? Sounds nice to us. However, if she or any of her guests are still hungry, apparently, Jonas makes a beans on toast that lives up to Turner’s British standards.

Sophie, if you’re wondering, we’re available most weekday nights to binge both reality TV shows and beans on toast. We’ll be waiting for the invite.