Olivia Harvey
Updated May 28, 2020 @ 5:35 pm

Actress Sophie Turner, like all of us, is currently at home in social-distancing mode. To help pass the time, she reached out to her Instagram followers and asked them to send questions for her to answer. Her responses were both enlightening and hilarious—and definitely lifted everyone’s spirits for a moment amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“I’m bored,” Turner posted on her Instagram Stories on March 18th. “Ask me a question.”

Fans were more than eager to ask their social-distancing queen all about herself and her favorite things. Some even asked a few favors from her (which she gladly followed through with).

We think this whole thing should be a series called “Social Distancing with Sophie.” Thoughts?

Credit: @sophiet, Instagram

First, Turner started simply with answering some questions pertaining to her favorite movies (True Romance starring Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette is her number one), books (“anything [Jon Ronson] is the best. I cannot stan enough”), podcasts (“To Live and Die in LA by [Neil Strauss] is the besttttttt”), and TV shows (“Barry/Killing Eve/loving Hunters right now too/Game of Thrones is also littyyyyyyyyy”).

Credit: @sophiet, Instagram
Credit: @sophiet, Instagram
Credit: @sophiet, Instagram
Credit: @sophiet, Instagram

Speaking of Game of Thrones, Turner had to agree with one follower who thought that Dany and Sansa would have made a “bad bitch power duo.”

And TBH, we also would have loved that will our whole heart.

Credit: @sophiet, Instagram

Of course, Turner had to throw out some love for her husband Joe Jonas during her Q&A session. She said that her favorite piece of “visual art” is Jonas (smooth move). Her favorite Jonas Brothers songs are “Fly With Me” and “Hesitate.”

Credit: @sophiet, Instagram
Credit: @sophiet, Instagram

Turner also gave hot takes on important topics, like whether a hot dog is a sandwich (it’s simply a hot dog, she says), whether a chicken could whistle if it had lips (“Yes but it would more likely blow kisses to strangers”), and her preference of custard creams or bourbons (“Bourbons are you craaaazyyyyy”).

And finally, some followers had to ask Turner to get on their side about a few issues. Josh and Kyle—wisen up.

Credit: @sophiet, Instagram
Credit: @sophiet, Instagram

If we could have an hour of Turner’s time every day during this indefinite period of isolation and social distancing, we’d be eternally grateful.