Meghan Markle
Credit: Mark Cuthbert/UK Press/ Getty Images

We may have found the secret to Meghan Markle’s massive success. As discovered by Elle, Markle shared her pump-up playlist with readers of her now-defunct blog, The Tig, in February of 2017—long before she became a duchess. And lucky for us, someone brought the playlist to Spotify, meaning we can all jam out, Markle-style.

“Because when the air is filled with positive vibes, there’s no winter cold that can block out the warmth of happy hearts,” she added. Wow. We might need this quote tattooed on our body.

The songs themselves are somewhat obscure, but so Meghan Markle. They’re understated, upbeat, and—like Markle said—heartwarming.

Markle’s go-to pump-up songs are:

1. “Dog Years” — Maggie Rogers

2. “LA Calling” — Crystal Fighters

3. “Don’t Run” — Mr Little Jeans

4. “Sunshine” — Fight Facilities, Reggie Watts

5. “Dance Apocalyptic” — Janelle Monáe

6. “Let It Go” — Dragonette

Girl’s got good taste! But that’s no surprise.

Be sure to save the “Tig Tunes: Positive vibes” list to your Spotify account so you can get your daily dose of Meghan Markle-inspired positivity. We’re personally putting this playlist on indefinite repeat.