Credit: Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

As the fight at the Dakota Access Pipeline continues, there is a new development that may surprise you: thousands of veterans are heading to Standing Rock. Why? Because these veterans want to support #NoDAPL protesters. We’re just so wowed that veterans are heading to Standing Rock. It’s a serious move of solidarity, and an important one, too, considering the violence that many water protectors have faced.

ICYMI, the #NoDAPL protests continue at Standing Rock in North Dakota as a result of the creation of the Dakota Access Pipeline. But things are changing.

Now, hundreds of veterans plan to attend to act as human shields for the protestors.

According to the Independent U.K., the veterans are heading to Standing Rock as a part of Veterans for Standing Rock, which has encouraged veterans to, they explain,

According to the GoFundMe campaign, over 2,000 veterans are planning to attend, meaning that the event hit capacity. They continue,

Just, wow. We’re feeling so hopeful right now, and so amazed at this act of collaboration and solidarity. If stopping the Dakota Access Pipeline is something you feel passionate about, here’s how you can support the #NoDAPL protestors.