Snapchat has made a comeback in a big way. After flying under the radar for months, the platform burst back into our lives by releasing a series of hilarious filters. Now, people are putting the Snapchat baby filter on celebrities and sharing the results with the internet—and we cannot stop laughing. Snapchat has effectively taken the “I’m baby” meme to a whole new level.

I’m baby. You’re baby. The entire team of Avengers is baby.


As if the cast of Parks and Rec couldn’t get any cuter. (No shade, but Tom doesn’t look any different.)

Wow. We just want to offer baby Zayn some cookies and a juice box! false

Baby-faced Pam is honestly too much to handle.

Who let their chicken nugget—er, we mean baby—get face tattoos?!

Can someone say “spinoff?”


Lil’ Andrew Garfield looks like he’s about to start his Disney Channel career.

Just. Wow.

We could scroll through these Snapchat baby filter pictures all day. Which one is your fave?