Jessica Wakeman
Updated June 10, 2016

This election season, right? Right?! With all the attacks (and brilliant responses) and the WTF silliness, it can be easy to forget that the American government actually does have accomplishments to be proud of. And thankfully, we still have a president in office who will go on “The Tonight Show” and slow jam the news.

Yes, President Obama and Jimmy Fallon smooth talked the American public last night with the help of The Roots and damn, did it feel good:


The president started off with the sexiest of topics: job creation. “In the public and the private sector,” Jimmy crooned.


“In 2008, the country wasn’t in the mood, it was too tired, stressed, said it had a headache,” Jimmy sang, while the president managed to keep a straight face in the background. “Barack lit some candles and got some silky satin sheets. Told the American people — yes, we can.”


And then he talked really sexy to us.


But wait? What’s he going to do next? Where’s he going to go? Is he just going to LEAVE US?


Oh, well. Okay.

After endorsing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton yesterday, the president declined to say much about Donald Trump — other than to joke about the new show, “Orange is NOT the New Black.”

Like any good slow jam, we ended wanting more — and the president ended on a high note, reminding us there is so much more to come:


Light some candles, turn down the sheets, and watch the whole slow jam here: