Credit: Jim Watson/Getty Images

There’s just about six weeks until the 2016 presidential elections, and it’s no secret that things are kind of bananas. The seemingly close race is extremely tense, with both candidates vying for a significant lead.

And the other day, Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., said something about his father’s immigration platform that gave all of us some serious pause…and it involved Skittles?

Here’s the full comment, encapsulated in this Tweet:

Just to clarify, Trump Jr. is saying that you wouldn’t eat from a bowl of Skittles if you knew some of them were poison, so we shouldn’t embrace Syrian refugees into our borders for that same reason (i.e., a few may be dangerous).

Which prompted the generally apolitical Skittles’s parent company, Wrigley Americas, to make the following statement:

Wow. Well said.

And if you were wondering, many were (rightfully) outraged but the incredibly callous comparison. Here were just some of the comments on Twitter:

Politics aside, we’re so glad the candy company stepped up and stood for decency today. We have some serious respect right now.