Jandra Sutton
Updated Mar 17, 2018 @ 10:53 am
Photo of Ski Lift Malfunction Video
Credit: Tetra Images — Erik Isakson via Getty Images

Okay, this is terrifying. A ski lift malfunction video is currently circulating the internet, and we’re pretty sure skiing is no longer on the agenda. According to ABC News, a ski lift at the Gudauri resort in the country of Georgia malfunctioned Friday, March 16th, injuring 11 people.

The alarming footage shows the ski lift moving backwards at a ridiculously fast speed as people using the lift jump off to avoid an accident. At the bottom of the lift, a pile of broken chairs continued to grow as they crashed into one another.

Thankfully, no one sustained serious or life-threatening injuries. Of the 11 people injured, eight were taken to the hospital for treatment.

After he jumped, the 32-year-old snowboarder took a video of other people jumping to safety as the faulty ski left hurled others to the ground.

You can watch the ski lift malfunction video here:


And here’s Leontiev’s perspective of the accident:

According to ABC News, the Mountain Resorts Development Company, part of the Georgian Ministry of Economy, said on Facebook that a problem with the rope caused the malfunction. They’ve contacted the manufacturer to identify the cause and launched an investigation into the accident.

We’re grateful no one was seriously hurt. However, between this and that one guy who accidentally skied off a cliff in 2017, we definitely won’t be taking to the slopes anytime soon. How about you?