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There’s a distinct and special agony that occurs when you park your car and return to find it low-key destroyed (dents, scratches, a missing mirror, etc.). If you’ve been there, you know. Which is why this recent viral story about a sixth grader who left a note on a car after witnessing it get hit by a bus is giving us life.

According to CNN, college senior Andrew Sipowicz returned to his parked 2012 Ford Mustang on Monday, November 19th to find a major dent in one of the rear doors. However, in addition to the dent, he found a note…but not from the person who actually hit his car.

It went on to document how a school bus driver attempted to drive through a space that was too narrow, which resulted in the damage to Sipowicz’s car, and the witness noted that they saw everything go down because the bus drops them off there every day. The note also included the bus number, an adorable illustration, and was signed simply “a 6th grader at Houghton Academy.”

Sipowicz tweeted his thanks to the anonymous young hero on November 20th, noting that the note saved him a “couple thousand” dollars. His post has been retweeted over 200,000 and liked over a million times as of November 22nd. Sipowicz also told CNN that his “mood went from angered to more relaxed” the moment he read the note. He’s since been in touch with the bus company and they will, in fact, cover the cost of the damage. The bus driver has also reportedly been terminated.

Shout out to the middle-schooler who took matters into their own hands and did the right thing—even when the adult in the situation didn’t. It’s a solid reminder that heroes don’t wear capes—nor have an age requirement.