Gina Mei
April 09, 2015 12:01 pm

Daintree Paper, a stationary and paper goods store in Dublin, Ireland, is turning anti same-sex marriage flyers into confetti for same-sex marriages in support of the LGBTQ+ community — and it’s unbelievably amazing. The project, called A Shred of Decency, began when members of the “No Campaign” for Ireland’s upcoming marriage equality referendum began passing out flyers purporting outrageous lies about LGBTQ+ people to sway their case. Rather than fight fire with fire, Daintree’s marketing team at the Rothco agency knew there was a smarter, more creative way to respond — and we’re obsessed with what they came up with.

“We decided that this was an opportunity to take this awful literature and turn it back on itself, to help create a positive message in the run up to the referendum,” Stephen Rogers, who works at Rothco, told Buzzfeed News.

Because why waste paper creating literature for the “Yes Campaign” when you can recycle the opposing party’s propaganda with an even greater effect? Daintree Paper has encouraged anyone who wants to help with the project to drop off additional “No Campaign” flyers at their shop so that they can produce even more of the goods. And as a bonus, according to the Huffington Post, the shop has also claimed that they will print any negative social media flagged with the hashtag #shredthistweet and turn that into confetti, too. Along with being ridiculously clever, the project is a refreshing response to what can only be described as some disheartening bigotry — and it’s wonderful to see something so overwhelmingly positive born from something so negative.

All profits from A Shred of Decency will be donated to Yes Equality, an independent civic society group advocating for marriage equality in Ireland — and at only €5 a pop, you can buy some confetti of your very own online through their website! To find out more, you can follow the project on Instagram, check out their website, and watch their promo video below. And if you happen to purchase some of that glorious confetti, you can tag your photos #shredofdecency on social media to join in on the movement.

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