Molly Thomson
March 01, 2019 8:24 am

Meredith Grey may have begged Derek Shepherd to pick her, choose her, love her in Grey’s Anatomy—but Shonda Rhimes never had to ask viewers to do the same when it came to her hit show. The popular medical drama made history yesterday, February 28th, as the longest-running primetime medical drama ever, and in honor of the milestone, Rhimes gifted her fans with some throwback shots.

As if that weren’t reason enough, the powerhouse showrunner then teased some vintage Grey’s behind-the-scenes photos. They’re all from the pilot episode, A Hard Day’s Night, and they have us brimming with nostalgia. There’s a blurry shot of Ellen Pompeo, T.R. Knight, Katherine Heigl, and Sandra Oh in their scrubs in the midst of “one of their first fancy photoshoots.” There’s a shot of Oh having a “long conversation” with director Peter Horton about her character. There’s one of Knight and Isaiah Washington goofing off between takes, their scrubs covered with fake blood.

Rhimes shared a few of the shots on her Instagram in the above post, but most of them are on She describes each moment and why they felt significant to her.

For example, on a shot of Knight and Pompeo: “George and Meredith console each other after making mistakes. It’s their first moment of friendship and one of my favorite scenes of the pilot.”

Our hearts! We miss George and Izzie and Cristina and Burke.

Thank you, Shonda, for these gems.