Anna Gragert
May 20, 2016 4:24 pm

We’ve all been in those situations in which our phone battery begins to die at the worst time possible and, as a result, we’re left in a panic like no other. That’s why we can definitely relate to electronics company LG’s new campaign for “low battery anxiety.”

The corporation defines this form of anxiety (which isn’t a medical diagnosis) as “the feeling of overwhelming fear experienced as your smartphone battery dies, causing you to live your life on your phone’s terms rather than your own.” They discovered this by conducting a survey with 2,000 smartphone users.

The symptoms include experiencing FOMO because your phone is dead, scanning every room for outlets you can plug your phone into, using airplane mode to conserve battery life, and even asking a complete stranger for a phone charger when it’s needed.

According to LG, nine out of ten of us deal with low battery anxiety when our battery life drops to 20% or lower.

Though low battery anxiety sounds bad enough as it is, the effects can begin to affect other areas of your life. The researchers found out that, out of all the millennials interviewed, 42% of them were more than willing to skip their gym session so they could instead stay at home and charge their phone.

Surprisingly, low battery anxiety can also affect your love life – since 60% of participants said they’ve blamed not speaking to their partner, friends, or family on a dead or low-battery phone. For one in three people, this led to an argument with a significant other.

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