Sydney Bucksbaum
Updated March 14, 2018 12:26 pm

Everyone knows the saying that you should never bite the hand that feeds you, which loosely translates to don’t mess with the people who pay your paycheck. Never insult your boss, your job, or the people who help you pay your bills. Even Shia LaBeouf knows that, the man who has made an infamous career out of the fact that he doesn’t want to be famous anymore. When the enigmatic actor known for flying off the handle sat down for an in-depth interview with Esquire, he at first tried his very best not to complain about the Transformers franchise that helped catapult him from Disney Channel actor to international movie star.

“Michael [Bay] and Steven [Spielberg] did a lot for me,” LaBeouf said. “I’m not going to pooh-pooh those dudes anymore.”

In the past, LaBeouf had been very outspoken about how, by the time his third appearance in the billion-dollar franchise came around, he wasn’t feeling creatively fulfilled (not hard to imagine why!). So it comes as no surprise that he quickly followed up that comment with a very “pooh-pooh” criticism of the entire Transformers franchise. LaBeouf’s just gotta LaBeouf!

Oh, shots fired, indeed. He kind of has a point, though?

Listen, he’s totally allowed to speak his mind about the body of work that has shaped his career. But if you’re going to fire with everything you’ve got, don’t try to mask it by saying you don’t want to insult the people who helped you achieve worldwide fame and then immediately insult them in your next breath. Remember, LaBeouf didn’t have to make those movies. So if you’re going to be honest, just be honest. It’s not like this would be the first time a Transformers star came after the franchise.