Kendall Ashley
Updated Feb 02, 2018 @ 3:39 pm

BBC’s Sherlock is notorious for making its fans wait huge amounts of time in between seasons — and going years between seasons is, sadly, a totally normal thing to us Sherlockians. As the show’s stars Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch got busier and busier with major movies, fans started to face the stark reality that the end of the show might be nigh. When Sherlock Season 4 finally aired, rumors began to swirl that it would be the show’s final season.

Of course, with a show that airs so irregularly, showrunners Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat made sure to leave the door open for a fifth season should an opportunity arise. And, folks, it looks like there is still opportunity. In an interview with the Radio Times, Moffat said that they had never closed the door on another season, and given the enthusiasm everyone has for the show, he can’t imagine that they wouldn’t make more Sherlock(!!!).

HOWEVER, he said there are no *immediate* plans for a fifth season.

Plus, he feels that there will likely be a long wait for a fifth season should one happen (sigh).Though he did quickly acquiesce that it’s ALWAYS a long wait between seasons, so who knows how long he really thinks the wait will be. But, maybe after two years???

Talk about an emotional rollercoaster, amirite?

Moffat, meanwhile, said that the nature of the show lends itself to sort of go on forever, and that as long as the team and fans were game, they could continue making the show.

After the tepid reaction that Sherlock‘s fourth season received from fans, it’s nice to hear that the Sherlock team doesn’t necessarily intend for that arc to be the one the show ended on. And honestly, if Gatiss, Moffat, Cumberbatch, and Freeman can keep the quality up in the show, we’d love for it to be one of those series that can just go on as long as there is fan interest and good stories to tell.

While we’re bummed (but honestly, not surprised) to hear that we’re going to have to wait quite a while for a new season of Sherlock, we’re happy to hear that the team behind our favorite consulting detective is more than ready for a new adventure the next time the game is on.