Kenya Foy
Updated Apr 04, 2017 @ 2:30 pm
Credit: Syd Wachs/Unsplash

If you feel like you need Google translate just to understand some of today’s slang terms, you can officially hop off the struggle bus. According to Mashable, sext and dabbing are now in the dictionary, but the official expansion of the English language doesn’t stop there. Among our favorite new words of the 300 added to its database are “man bun” and “bitchface,” and can we just say (with the most RBF face ever), that it’s about damn time? Like, scientists unearthed the cause behind resting bitch face an entire year ago, so that word definitely should’ve beenconfirmed way before now.

On the one hand, we’re enthusiastic about being able to prove the validity of these words to naysayers, but then we can’t help but wonder WTF took so long?

According to lexicographer (we want this job, BTW) Jane Solomon, the list requires a lot of research, therefore they can’t be all willy-nilly about tossing in words just because we deem them important enough to be included.

In addition to corpus research, which involves looking through texts and sources for word patterns, Solomon explained the other methods they use to make a word official.

Alright, so we’ll cut some slack for the folks over at Meanwhile, here’s a sampling of all the words that just became real words even though we’ve already been treating them like real words for a while now:

  • 420
  • alt-right
  • Black Lives Matter
  • bitchface
  • Burkini
  • cat café
  • cheat day
  • clicktivist
  • cold brew
  • dabbing
  • dad bod
  • friendiversary
  • hangry
  • K-pop
  • Kush
  • lightsaber
  • man bun
  • mic drop
  • petrichor
  • sext
  • slay
  • smackdown
  • stochastic terrorism
  • struggle bus
  • superfood
  • teachable moment
  • uncanny valley

There you have it! If you’re one of those people who are resistant to the ongoing evolution English language, take this as a teachable moment to accept that these words do mean things, even if you don’t agree.