Jill Layton
December 17, 2016 9:58 am

A man walked into a sex store with his face covered, pointed a gun at two female employees and demanded all the cash in the cash register. But the women didn’t just let it happen — they used sex toys to chase off the robber. They literally threw dildos at the man from behind the counter to fight him off, and it worked.

Obviously any type of robbery is terrifying, but… dildos, you guys.

The attempted robbery happened at Lotions & Lace in San Bernardino, CA and was caught on surveillance footage.

And now we can forever watch flying dildos successfully scare off a robber.

The man walked into the store, said “Give me all your cash,” but the women were having none of it. They could tell right away that the gun wasn’t even real, according to abc7.

One of the women began to yell at him, because duh.

So they used the only weapons they had to scare him off — dildos.

And clearly, their quick thinking and impromptu weaponry worked.

San Bernardino police said they generally don’t recommend people confront armed robbers. But in this situation, we’re really glad they did, because LOL.