Gwendolyn Purdom
Updated Jan 25, 2018 @ 1:05 pm

In case the eight Oscar nominations the streaming service picked up this week weren’t proof enough, Netflix has dropped yet another reminder that original-content-quality-wise, it’s definitely playing in the big leagues now. The tense trailer for Netflix’s upcoming crime drama Seven Seconds, a racially-charged series from the executive producers of The Killing, is officially out. And after one watch, we’re already hooked.

Seven Seconds tells the story of Brenton Butler, an African-American teen who’s critically injured by a white police officer in New Jersey. In a plot arc that feels unfortunately timely, there’s a cover-up, protests, a trial, and the painful unraveling of a community ripped apart by racial unrest.

American Crime‘s Regina King, a two-time Emmy-winner, plays Butler’s grieving mom Latrice, alongside British actress Clare-Hope Ashitey (the mysterious Sara from Master of None) as assistant prosecutor K.J. Harper, and fellow dramatic heavy-hitter Russell Hornsby (Fences) as Brenton’s dad, Isaiah. The 10-episode series will also feature Zackary Momoh, Nadia Alexander, Michael Mosley, Raul Castillo, and David Lyons.

From the 2-minute trailer, we can already tell this story is going to have us on edge.

The teaser opens with a distraught-looking Ashitey standing over a snowy stretch of ground soaked in blood, an ominous cloudy sky swirling above her. “I’m sick of their eyes,” she tells a man in the scene. “Even when they’re dead, they’re looking at you. Wanting answers.”

Seven Seconds, created and produced by The Killing‘s Veena Sud, is based on a 2013 Russian action movie called The Major about a police major covering up a deadly car accident involving a child. Considering the current racial climate in America, we’re guessing the Netflix version will take on an eye-opening life of its own.

It’s not just the snowy setting that makes this story look so chilling.

Watch the full trailer above. All 10 episodes of Seven Seconds will land on Netflix on February 23rd.