The perks that come with being an A-list celebrity known throughout the world are pretty exceptional, but sometimes that status can come with very strange situations. This story is a perfect example: Seth Rogen has just learned that a Russian woman has been vacationing with a life-size cardboard cutout of him. This revelation alone would have been amusing enough, but his reaction? Priceless.

It all began on July 2nd, when Rogen tweeted out a series of screenshots taken from the Instagram profile of user @alazankina. The photos showed the Russian woman traveling alongside a giant cardboard cutout of Rogen. One features “Rogen” sitting happily in a train seat, one shows the woman sitting next to the cutout on a bench, and the last is a touristy shot of the woman and the cutout next to a statue. The captions are in Russian, but it seems like she’s having the time of her life.

Rogen, always one for deadpan humor, tweeted: “Some Russian women appear to have taken a cardboard cutout of me on vacation.”

After that tweet, it was pretty much impossible to not go on Instagram and look up the user and see where else she had taken this cardboard version of Rogen. As it turns out, he’s been on quite the adventure. There’s a selfie of the cutout in Saint Petersburg:

There’s also this one, where he’s just hanging out in the city of Veliky Novgorod, according to the location tag.

Unfortunately, that’s all that has been posted as of right now. Tbh, we want to see the rest of the vacation photos because they give us a healthy dose of culture and Rogen. Twitter fans are similarly amused by this, and the reactions have been as funny as the entire situation.


For those who think this is sort of, well, weird, it’s not. Like, we get it. Rogen is one of our not-so-secret celeb crush obsessions, and we 100% wish we had thought of this first.