It’s a new Yanny vs. Laurel conundrum for the new year (or another blue vs. gold dress debacle…but you get the gist). We’re talking about whether or not Grover from Sesame Street dropped the F-bomb. For real. A video has surfaced of the beloved character, in which he’s talking to another muppet, and he says either one of two things: “Yes, yes, that sounds like an excellent idea!” or “Yes, yes, that’s a f-cking excellent idea.”

We’ve personally listened to the video a number of times…and honestly, sometimes we hear it and sometimes we don’t. Listen for yourself below.

(Weirdly, we found that if you read the following sentence as you listen, it makes the F-bomb more obvious: “Yes, yes, that’s a f-cking excellent idea.”)

What did you hear?! If you, like us, heard two different versions, you aren’t going crazy. In May, when HelloGiggles spoke to audio industry expert Danny Aronson about the Yanny vs. Laurel phenomenon, he explained that certain factors contribute to individuals hearing different things. It all depends on the frequencies your brain is absorbing.

Let’s just hope the brain frequencies of the children watching didn’t pick up the, uh, less appropriate version on this one.