We admit it. When it comes to stories we love, we’ve been known to jump on the sequel/trilogy/spinoff/reboot/revival/etc train from time to time. But there’s something admirable about a movie or series that tells the story it wants to tell and ends it there. Which is why we’re taking the news that Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events will end after Season 3 pretty well. Yes, it will mean we won’t have nearly enough Neil Patrick Harris with a unibrow in our lives, but it will also mean the show is sticking to the books it’s based on and should really be commended for that.

Harris, who stars as Count Olaf in the series, confirmed to TV Guide this week that after Season 2 premieres next month, there will only be one more — and that’s it. Season 1 of the show covered the first four books of Lemony Snicket’s (aka Daniel Handler’s) 13-book series and Harris says once Season 3 is finished, the books’ storylines will be, too.

It’s honestly refreshing to hear that a show is wrapping things up by design, rather than potentially going on too long.

Particularly as, in this case, the story hinges on the Baudelaire children solving a mystery.

Netflix revealed that A Series of Unfortunate Events would return for a second season back in March. News that there would be a third season as well followed in April.

Season 2 debuts March 30th, and be sure to relish in A Series of Unfortunate Events while you can!