It’s sad to say, but misogyny never really takes a break. Not even if you’re world-class tennis player Serena Williams. But thankfully, if you’re Serena Williams, you also have sass, self-respect, and plenty of reasons to stand up for yourself when someone says something derogatory to you and your unborn child. Specifically, Serena took to Instagram to give her two cents in response to ignorant comments made by tennis player Ilie Nastase, who questioned the skin color of her child.

The comment was made at a recent press conference, when Nastase said, “Let’s see what color it has. Chocolate with milk?” in reference to Serena’s baby with fiancé Alexis Ohanian.

The thing is, this isn’t the first time Ilie has made inappropriate comments (like asking for athlete Anna Keothavong’s room number — twice — all within earshot of press). Thankfully, there is a little bit of good in the world, because Ilie’s remarks aren’t going unnoticed. The International Tennis Federation is investigating him for the comments he made about Serena.

According to Nylon, “Nastase has been suspended from all ITF events pending a full investigation.” Although we wish he had never said such hurtful and ignorant comments in the first place, we’re at least thankful that the ITF is taking his comments seriously.

We’re also grateful for Serena, who is unafraid to speak up and defend herself. She’s already setting an example to her baby and to all women who need a reminder of their inherent worth.