InStyle Magazine
March 08, 2019 11:50 am

Snapchat—remember it? You can change your virtual appearance in a single tap, giving you the convenience to switch between deformed alien and radiant goddess aesthetics in the same breath. And though the app’s popularity has declined significantly in the past years (with help from the Instagram boom and social media queen Kylie Jenner’s declaration that she’d stopped using the platform), there’s still a healthy number of butterfly crown-wearing patrons getting their ‘chat on, including Selena Gomez.

The multi-hyphenate was testing out some filters recently when she came across a disturbing trend: All the “pretty” filters give you blue eyes. “Literally every single Snapchat filter has the blue eyes. What if you have brown eyes? Am I supposed to have these eyes… to look good?” Gomez asked.

She soon realized that she was wrong—there are filters that allow brown eyes to remain their signature hue: There’s the one that magnifies the bottom two-thirds of your face and leaves your eyes tiny, beady second-class citizens, and there’s the one that transforms you into a piranha person with a frighteningly large mouth, massive eyes, and a teeny nose. “They have all the blue eyes for all the ones that are, like, really pretty and then I put on this and it’s like brown… brown eyes,” she continued.

Like so many before her, the 26-year-old chose to hang her Snapchat hat and devote herself to Instagram instead. “I think I’ll just stick to the ‘gram. Brown eyes are beautiful, everyone,” she concluded.

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of the Snapchat development team frantically throwing together a brown-eyed glamor filter.