Olivia Harvey
June 12, 2019 7:36 am

Selena Gomez has been teasing fans with the promise of a new album since 2017. Two years ago she dropped mega-hits “Fetish” and “Bad Liar.” Then in 2018, she released “Back To You”—another hit. We’ve been chomping at the bit waiting for her next album, and thankfully, she appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on June 11th to confirm that it’s finally complete. Yes, we’re screaming.

When Fallon asked if Gomez is working on a new album, she responded, “I’m actually done.”

And she’s not kidding: these past few years have been tumultuous for Gomez, to say the least. She went through a kidney transplant, mental wellness issues, and two breakups (one with The Weeknd, the other with Justin Bieber). She also executive produced Netflix’s hit drama series 13 Reasons Why.

We can understand why Gomez feels relieved to finally translate all those emotions into music.

As far as style goes, Gomez confirmed that it has a similar pop-vibe to most of her music. But she experimented more with electric and acoustic guitar, and “soulful tracks underneath things.”

With so much emotion packed into a single album, we know that we’re going to feel some things upon first listen. Selena, the album drop cannot come soon enough.