Karen Belz
January 18, 2018 9:10 am

Not every date will be a winner. And hearing about Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez’s bad date from years ago is making us feel better about our own awkward dating moments. Plus, the two are able to laugh about it now.

Jonas appeared on Nick Grimshaw’s BBC radio show and participated in a segment in which he was hooked up to a heart rate monitor — ostensibly to see which personal questions got him the most worked up. Grimshaw puts a lot of time into this bit — not only did he deliver his questions dressed as a doctor, but Jonas answered the questions straight from a hospital bed. His starting heart rate was “mid to late 60s” (which is important to know for later).

Jonas started out by admitting that he drinks, occasionally smokes, and doesn’t consider himself to be the hottest Jonas brother. Those questions may have been slightly personal, but they weren’t enough to raise his heart rate.

The first rise was all thanks to Joe Jonas, who forced Nick to open up about an early sexual encounter (we get it, dude). And the next most stress-worthy moment involved former flame Selena Gomez.

“I would like to remind you of a time where we all went to Central Park together,” Gomez said. “It was definitely over 10 years ago. I was wondering if that brought up anything for you. You know, Central Park was really beautiful. It was actually my first time. Maybe that says something? If not, I failed.”

Jonas’ heart rate went up to 90.

As many fans will know, Gomez and Swift have built a genuine friendship based on their past relationships with the Jonas brothers. So, even if Gomez was unhappy at the time, perhaps the terrible Central Park experience was ultimately for the best.