To the average Instagram follower, Selena Gomez’s life may seem picture-perfect. She’s the most-followed Instagram user in the world, after all. However, the singer wants her fans to know that her life is far from the “filtered and flowery” illusion that Instagram may suggest. Monday night, August 20th, Selena shared an album to Instagram from a night she spent hanging out with friends. (And Friends, but more on that in a moment.)

“A few of my favorite things in the entire world!!!” Gomez captioned the album. Then, she edited the caption with an update: “UPDATE: I had something I’ve thought about for a while that I want to share. This page is my highlights and a few low lights. I post what I am willing to share with you guys.”

Gomez’s words are a critical reminder in the age of social media. It can be all too easy to play the “comparison game” with other people’s seemingly perfect feeds, while forgetting that the majority of us only post the most perfect-looking moments.

So let’s all live a little more and compare a little less. Because, as Selena said, we’re all on our own journey.