First, let’s get this out of the way: It’s impossible to make your hair grow fast. There’s no supplement, shampoo, conditioner, or treatment with any magic ingredient that will take you from a shoulder-length lob to flowing, waist-length hair in a matter of weeks. That, my friends, is why extensions exist.

While a set of clip-in or bonded extensions can instantly transform your haircut overnight, they tend to have a bad rap for looking fake when you choose the wrong color or don’t install them properly.

However, Selena Gomez just gave us all a lesson on how natural—and downright amazing—a set of extensions can be.

Thanks to her new set, the star is now the proud owner of long, flowing, waist-length chocolate brown waves, despite having a curly ombré lob a week ago. Her best friend Raquelle Stevens shot a photo of them together, showing Gomez’s new hair, at a celebratory dinner for their friend, Charm La’Donna.

Credit: @raquellestevens, Instagram

This new look is the longest Gomez has worn her hair in a long time. Even though the star is obviously wearing extensions, they blend seamlessly into her natural brunette hair color and length.

So, how did she do it? The trick is all in how you apply the extensions, along with trimming in layers so the hair blends with your actual length.

While the star has had a low-key summer, fall is just beginning and she’s already done so much with her hair. Since Gomez is one of those celebs who has the uncanny ability to nail every single hair trend she tries (remember her platinum blonde hair and undercut?), here’s hoping her recent hair switch-ups are just the beginning of a season full of exciting, dramatic styles.