Toria Sheffield
Updated October 05, 2018 10:40 am

Another day, another priceless Keeping Up with the Kardashians clip. And this one comes to us during a one-on-one conversation between family matriarch Kris Jenner and everyone’s favorite not-quite-son-in-law, Scott Disick. The topic at hand? Face lifts.

Allow us to explain.

In a clip posted to the KUWTK YouTube account on October 4th, Kris excitedly mentions to Scott that she wants to gift her best friend, Sheila, with a face lift (bear with us). Kris says that Sheila has always been an amazing friend and was there for her when she got her face lift, and she wants to return the favor.

Scott, however, has qualms with the plan, noting that Sheila could potentially get offended by such an offer. “I mean, even though it’s really a sweet gesture, are you at all nervous that you could offend her in any way? It’s like, ‘Hey, your face looks old,'” he said. “Listen, if you told me that I needed something done, even if maybe I didn’t, I would definitely go look and stare at what it was.”

“Kim does it to me 24/7,” Kris interjected.

LOL. Okay, we actually totally get where Scott is coming from on this one, and we, too, might avoid looking at Kim head-on if this was happening to us.

As for the whole face-lift situation? We’ll just have to wait until the Sunday, October 7th episode at 9 p.m on E! to find out how it lands.