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With every new technological advance, we are getting closer and closer to figuring out if we’re alone in the universe. Most people agree that (at least mathematically) it is improbable for humans to be the only living creatures out there — we just aren’t sure how intelligent that life out there is. So when scientists release their findings of strange star signals, people can’t help but get excited about the prospects of finding alien life.

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A phenomenon that was recorded and submitted for review at Cornell University is basically implying that extraterrestrials are trying to make contact with us.

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And before you start calling foul or raging against the machine, these are scientists observing things. Nothing is confirmed or stated as absolute truth. This is just a phenomenon that cannot be explained away in a simple manner and needs more investigation and attention.

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Basically, many causes were considered for the signals. Most of them were disqualified — like rotational transitions in molecules or rapid pulsations. The last explanation was ETI, meaning aliens. And if science class taught us anything, it’s that the obvious solution (no matter how weird or extraordinary) could be true if all other explanations are disproven.

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Hopefully we’ll get more solid answers soon!