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S. Nicole Lane
May 06, 2017 11:57 am

Is there really life out there in space? This scientist thinks it existed closer than we think. As in, right here, in our own solar system. Extraterrestrials may have harbored and lived on a planet within our vicinity, even our own planet Earth.

Astrophysicist, Jason T. Wright believes that aliens lived on our surrounding planets before vanishing forever.

He speculates that the life forms existed millions of years ago.

Obviously, there aren’t any extraterrestrials living among us now. Wright informed The Huffington Post that scientists have searched the solar system robotically. However, his research and his interests lie in a species that may have utilized technology the way that we do. He wonders if there are any remains or artifacts that could help scientists uncover an answer to previous life in our solar system.

How does one look for signs of life in outer space? Biosignatures.

How does one look for remnants of technology? Technosignatures.

Instead of looking for life, Wright is looking for technology that is “designed by life.”

He gives examples like radio towers, or The Empire State Building.


 While Wright doesn’t think he will be finding any of our green martian friends anytime soon, he does aspire to uncover fossils of advancements made before the evolution of the human race. His solution? Keep searching.

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