confident man and woman
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So what is the next big thing that science is working on these days? Flying cars? Plastic eating bacteria? There are so many possibilities. Most recently, science figured out there’s a reason why some men think they’re right more often. But, yes, they are working on flying cars as well.

According to a study conducted by many researches from Caltech, the Wharton School, Western University, and ZRT Laboratory, there is a link between snap judgement and testosterone. Finally, an explanation why our fathers try to convince us a certain actor was in a movie they were 100 percent not in. We were all probably wondering where that comes from.

Scientists started out with a hypothesis that “higher levels of testosterone increase the tendency in men to rely on their intuitive judgments and reduce cognitive reflection.”

All of us have an ability to trust our gut. But is it hormonally based? And do men do it more? Well, that’s what researchers set out to discover.

The study itself was one of the biggest ever conducted on the subject. 243 randomly selected males participated in the study. Some were given testosterone cream and others were given a placebo gel. The test subjects were then asked a bunch of questions. They were offered $1 for every correct answer and an additional $2 if they got all the answers right.

Scientists hoped to highlight what happens with decision making with increased levels of testosterone in the system.

The researchers found that men given doses of testosterone performed more poorly on a test designed to measure cognitive reflection than a group given a placebo.

The results show that the group that received testosterone scored significantly lower than the group that received the placebo, on average answering 20 percent fewer questions correctly.

Scientists believe testosterone has this effect because it is linked with increased confidence in humans. Caltech’s Colin Camerer explained that if you feel more confident, you don’t have enough self-doubt to double check your thinking. You answer without reflection, assuming your answers are correct.

Since men naturally have more testosterone than women, it could help explain some of this behavior. Of course, this is only one study and merely suggests certain behaviors. We all know that when it comes to gender, one size certainly never fits all.