dr strange
Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Alternate universes have existed in shows like Star Trek, Doctor Who, and in comics. Sometimes science fiction turns out to be real! According to study on a space anomaly, scientist believe that a multiverse may exist – just like in the Dr. Strange comics and movie. Of course, they’re still *ahem* light years away from having any specific answers. But the strange anomaly in space has started raising some serious possibilities.

The anomaly, described as the “Cold Spot” , is about 1.8 billion light-years across.

It got its name because it’s cooler than the area surrounding it. Scientists found the anomaly by studying radiation in the universe. And it’s creating more questions than it is answers.

The bubble universe is only one of several explanations for the anomaly.

It could have less matter than other parts of space. Or it could also be a cluster of small voids. Only, both of those explanations don’t exactly answer all the questions the temperature fluctuation raises.

We’ll need to study this area of space before we get concrete answers. Whatever answers scientists find in the Cold Spot, it will definitely be an exciting discovery!