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Viral wedding photos have become a ~thing~ in recent years. Wedding photos with explosions! Wedding photos with streakers! There is no shortage of viral wedding photos. Okay, but what about a terrifying clown posed next to you and your beau? Vincent and Manda Alexander shared their wedding photos with a Pennywise-esque creature, and literally why is this happening? Turns out, the bride had no idea she was photobombed by a clown on her wedding day until her first anniversary. The bride and groom took a series of normal wedding photos, but in one special image, a clown snuck onto the set, and the bride had no idea. Vincent decided to surprise his wife a year after the wedding with the ridiculous photobomb.

There’s even a video of the moment Manda saw the image, which is fantastic because she’s like, “This is gorgeous” and then immediately pivots to “Oh my god.”

Apparently Manda hates clowns, despite how chill she was about the whole thing. The photographer called them “one of my favorite couples” to shoot.

No offense to the couple who took their wedding photos at a Target, but these two kinda take the (wedding) cake.