Scarlett Johansson Colin Jost Ellen DeGeneres
Credit: The Ellen Show

ICYMI, Scarlett Johansson is dating Colin Jost, one of the head writers for Saturday Night Live. And Ellen DeGeneres poked a bit of fun at the latter to Johansson when she went on Ellen to promote Avengers: Infinity War, showing her a picture of young (and scruffy) Colin Jost. In the photo, Jost and comedian John Mulaney are clearly in costume for a 1970s-era period sketch. Except…the hair isn’t part of the costume. That’s just how Jost looked. And *understandably*, Scarlett had some feelings about it.

Young Colin Jost, with his mussed hair and patchy beard, wouldn’t recognize the clean-cut dude anchoring Weekend Update today.

When faced with this photo of her boo in his earlier years on Saturday Night Live, Scarlett Johansson reacted the correct way: She was in complete shock. “I thought he was in a disguise,” Ellen explained to the audience, “But that’s really what he looked like! Had you seen that before?” Replied a glassy-eyed ScarJo, “I can’t unsee it now.”

This is the second glimpse fans have seen of DJ Yung Jost in as many weeks — Mulaney posted a throwback of the writers’ room that also featured a shaggy AF Jost — but in the immortal words of Ryan Howard, “Even for the internet, it’s still pretty shocking.” TBH, I don’t hate scruffy Jost, but I’m not Scarlett Johansson. “Did I make a mistake?” the Ellen host joked, “Did I just break y’all up?” Fortunately, no; their relationship is strong enough to survive this storm.

Watch Scarlett Johansson react to young Colin Jost in a way that *has* to mean she’s surprised.

C’mon, there’s good acting, and then there’s genuine shock. Seeing your preppy, grown-up beau 10 years younger and looking like he just rolled out of a college dining hall? You can’t fake a reaction to that.