Karen Belz
Updated March 29, 2018
Zach Pagano / NBC / Getty Images

Savannah Guthrie proved that she’s, well, just like us. The Today co-host didn’t realize her microphone was still on when she accidentally let out an expletive on air during a March 28th broadcast. Guthrie was reading notes at the time, when audio of “oh sh*t” made it to air. Sure, we’ve heard worse — but typically not on a network during morning hours (but we forgive you, lady, because we’ve all had our moments). The current debacle has us curious about the morning host, specifically, what is Savannah Guthrie’s net worth?

The host, who was born in Melbourne, Australia, but raised in Arizona, joined Today in 2012. While she has a background in broadcast journalism, she also has a law degree, working as a legal correspondent for NBC prior to joining Today.

Guthrie is also a mother of two. Married to Michael Feldman, she’s the parent of a daughter named Vale and a son named Charles. While it’s often tough to figure out how much she makes, many fans got a clue when fellow host Hoda Kotb’s salary was outed as being incredibly lower than Matt Lauer’s.

Both Guthrie and Kotb reportedly make $7 million a year. However, Guthrie’s net worth from 2017 was reported to be at $2 million (though this may not have taken a recent raise into account).

To further prove that an estimated net worth of two million may be outdated, Celebrity Net Worth states that her annual salary is $500,000 — which we know to no longer be true.

Regardless of Guthrie’s net worth, we think she should definitely win some points for apologizing for her recent on-air flub with such humor and grace.

We know her career — and overall net worth — is only going to soar from here.