"...And I got a robe."

Olivia Harvey
Dec 29, 2020 @ 1:22 pm

On the December 20th episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Kristen Wiig, a sketch called "Christmas Morning" hit home with mothers everywhere. While the kids and husband, played by Kyle Mooney, Chloe Fineman, and Beck Bennett, open hoards of incredible gifts like an outdoor pizza oven, a hoverboard, a drone, etc. mom, played by Wiig, got...a robe.

Kristen Wiig on Saturday Night Live
Credit: NBC

"Thanks for the robe. It's really, really nice. I love this robe, guys. This is great." Wiig raps, later noting that she'll cook breakfast for everyone in said robe, which was ultimately on sale for 40% off. Nice!

Come Christmas morning, after the sketch aired, moms across the globe tweeted at SNL with their own robes that were gifted to them by their loving families. And although we're LOL-ing, we're also cringing so hard. This sketch was way too relatable.

"Here I am in my robe with a cold coffee and a garbage bag full of everyone else's wrapping paper I picked up," one mom wrote under SNL's tweet including the sketch. This whole image could be used as a "mom on Christmas morning" stock photo.

"Thanks," this mom wrote, including a pic of her fuzzy Christmas morning robe. Score!

"Hey @nbcsnl I got a robe!" At least this Twitter user looks a bit more excited than Wiig's character.

"Oh I can top this....a robe. Wrong size. Back ordered until March," this mom responded with a picture of her backordered L.L. Bean robe. "It’s ok fam, I love you anyway. It was clearly all worth it."

This mom not only got a robe, but she also burned herself making the family meal, as Wiig's character did, too. So relatable it hurts—quite literally.

TBH, so many moms got robes, we're beginning to think the sketch is based on reality or something.

All we can say is...sorry, mom.

Here's hoping moms fared better than Wiig did in that SNL sketch. Remember, kids—get your mother a robe and something else. Like a bottle of wine, right? Is that what moms like? Help.