Although we’d like to believe that all doctors are 100% professional at all times, the unfortunate reality is that some medical interactions are less-than-ideal, and some doctors take advantage of their positions. In a February 6th Instagram post, comedian Sarah Silverman opened up about an unpleasant mammogram experience she recently had, highlighting the importance of speaking up if a medical professional makes you feel uncomfortable.

Silverman revealed that a male doctor didn’t use gloves when applying gel to her bare breasts, and that his fingers continually grazed her skin as he performed an ultrasound. Silverman also noted that the same doctor did this at her appointment in 2018, and when she voiced her discomfort, he said he did so for “balance.”

Thankfully, Silverman wrote that she was fine, but she ended her post by pointing out how important it is to say something if your doctor ever makes you uncomfortable. “Trust that thing in your gut that tells you this sh*t ain’t right,” she urged her followers.

Silverman’s reminder is absolutely essential. As Rachael Denhollander explained in her January 2018 testimony against Larry Nassar, the former U.S. Gymnastics doctor indicted for sexually abusing his patients, it can be easy to ignore your gut feelings out of a belief that physicians are inherently trustworthy. But it is always okay to speak up when something doesn’t feel right.