In the wake of the recent Louis C.K. sexual assault allegations (as well as his subsequent admission of guilt), several major players in the comedy community have been criticized for their silence on the revelations. But now, comedian Sarah Silverman has spoken up about C.K.’s sexual misconduct.

Silverman — a longtime close friend of C.K. — made a statement about the allegations on her Hulu talk show, I Love You, America. The episode will air today, November 16th, but a segment in which she speaks directly about C.K. was pre-released on YouTube.

Silverman, her voice shaking with emotion, began with,

Credit: ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images

She continued,

Silverman was one of the comedians most criticized for her silence, because she has both spoken and written publicly about her close friendship with C.K. Some even went as far as to call her “cowardly” for her initial lack of response. And while we wish she had spoken up sooner, we also understand that this is a difficult time of reckoning for many people.

As Silverman noted in her statement, “I just keep asking myself, “Can you love someone who did bad things? Can you still love them?”

You can watch the full statement here:

We’re glad that Silverman has publicly gone on the record to denounce her friend’s actions, and that she is keeping the focus where it belongs — on the victims, and on working toward making sexual assault a thing of the past.