Following the New York City bombing on December 11th, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said the attack could have been prevented if President Trump’s immigration policies were in place. Um? No.

The suspect at the heart of the attack has since been proven to be a green card holder, according to CNN, and he came to the United States with a legal visa from Bangladesh in 2011. Trump also continued to tout his travel ban after the attack, which does not apply to Bangladesh, and has nothing to do with this domestic attack.

Despite the facts — which seems to be the phrase of the year — Sanders is still not giving up on the utterly racist idea that the suspect would not have succeeded at his attack if Trump’s fight for bringing down “chain migration” was taken more seriously.

Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The press secretary also declined to answer a follow-up question about whether there was any proof that the suspect was radicalized abroad and not in the United States.

Again, no matter the cold hard facts, Sanders simply will not give a clear answer unless it supports the Trump administration’s plans in Congress. So with that, the public continues to try its best to sift through the complete BS and push for the truth.