Ocean’s 8 actress Sarah Paulson does not have time for gossip. Yes, her girlfriend might be more than three decades older than she is, but Sarah Paulson is not here for your commentary about her relationship. She and actress Holland Taylor have been dating for several years, and the love story is more romantic than you could ever imagine. It involves dinner parties, being in other relationships, and — here’s the real kicker — Twitter DMs.

People got an exclusive look at Sarah Paulson’s newest magazine cover story, in which she opens up about dating the actress.

Paulson, who is 43, first met Taylor, who is 75, at a dinner party years ago. When they went public with their relationship in 2015, there were all kinds of reactions to it. Age gaps in celebrity relationships are pretty commonplace, so people acting scandalized by Paulson and Taylor is weirdly hypocritical. Not that it bothers either of them. Says Paulson:

Romantic and badass? Sarah Paulson, do you have any single siblings that might want to date us?

In the cover story, the award-winning actress also talks about what it’s like to age in Hollywood.

The film industry is notoriously tough to navigate for women of a certain age, but the Paulson-Taylor household is first and foremost concerned with personal happiness.

As a result, says Paulson, she’s trying to be as in the moment as possible with her career. “You have no idea what your life will look like and where you’ll be,” she told Modern Luxury, “And that’s just what makes life so sweet.” It’s probably this attitude that inspired Paulson to slide into Taylor’s DMs once she was single again. A few messages and a plan to meet for dinner later, and here they are — more than three years into Hollywood’s coolest relationship. Yes, queens.