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Updated July 25, 2019
Paul Archuleta, Getty Images

Selma Blair didn’t need to call a friend when she was in need. Instead, that friend stepped up in a big way, according to Page Six. After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in late 2018, Blair said that she received a heartwarming amount of support, especially from her Cruel Intentions co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar. In a new interview with People, Blair explained that Gellar organized a food train, which involves a few other famous names, too. Together, Gellar and Co. have helped Blair and her son, Arthur, through her diagnosis and treatments.

Paul Archuleta, Getty Images

Blair added that every day is different and that she experiences ups and downs with her symptoms. Being with her son is keeping her attitude upbeat and the outpouring of help from her friends is sure to play a huge part in her sunny outlook. Gellar has reached out in the past, including in a touching Instagram post that describes her friend as dignified in the face of adversity. Aside from being an advocate for Blair, Gellar has been seen alongside her pal at trips to Disneyland, too.

Blair revealed that she’s formed close relationships with both Michael J. Fox and Jack Osbourne. Together, they’re three very outspoken advocates for nervous system conditions and all hope to spread public awareness for their respective causes. The friendships that she’s built are helping her be more open herself, she added. With a support system like this, Blair is in good hands.

“They’ve stood up in ways I never would have been comfortable with before,” Blair said.