Carrie Bradshaw is back, and she’s replacing her cosmopolitans with Stella Artois. Sarah Jessica Parker stepped back into her signature New York columnist and fashionista tulle to recreate the iconic intro from the hit HBO series, Sex and the Cityand for a good cause. In the campaign video, Parker muses, “I couldn’t help but wonder. Wasn’t it obvious? You make a little change to do a lot of good,” as a bus with the sign “1 bottle = 1 month of clean water” drives by.

Watch Parker recreate the iconic series intro below.

The Sex and the City alum reprised her iconic Carrie Bradshaw persona to promote Stella Artois’s partnership with (co-founded by actor Matt Damon) for the “Pour it Forward” campaign, which seeks to end the global water crisis. For every Stella Artois purchased from now until March 31st, the beer brand will donate a month of clean water access to communities in need. In a press release, Parker said,

Since a third Sex and the City film is officially not happening, we’ll take all the philanthropic Carrie Bradshaw cameos we can get.